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82: How to Define Your Own Version of Success, with Rhiannon Bosse

Reina and Christina’s guest this episode is Rhiannon Bosse, founder of Hey Gorgeous Events and the Trouvaille Workshop. The trio have an honest conversation that addresses a few issues in our creative community today, such as copying others’ work, defining success in others’ terms, and our business running our life instead of the other way around. Listen to this episode and learn how to find your own voice, define your own version of success, and set boundaries.

Show Highlights:

  • What some of the hallmarks are of doing business the right way
  • How to find your own style/voice
  • Why we need to give ourselves permission to change
  • How, as an entrepreneur, to prepare for becoming a parent
  • How to build a business that supports the life you want to live
  • What mistakes Rhiannon has made around setting boundaries
  • How Rhiannon loves on her clients
  • How being a mom + her relationship with her own mother help her serve her clients
  • How community is a good thing, but needs to be moderated in our lives
  • Why working hard for what you get is a good thing

Show Notes:

Rhiannon’s Bio:

Rhiannon is passionate about striving to make those around her always feel loved. She is the woman behind the Hey Gorgeous Events brand where she and her team focus on making milestones remarkable. She is also the creator of the Trouvaille Workshop, a one of a kind retreat experience for creative and multifaceted wedding planners. When she’s not designing florals in her studio, she’s found at home in Michigan pursuing joy with her husband, their sweet son, Lachlan and adorable pup. Rhiannon stands for innovative, integrity, and most of all, loving well.

Rhiannon’s Social Handles:

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  • Tracy Park - so glad I am past this stage in life where I am trying to find myself and kiddos in tow. Kudos to you.
    My season now is working my own biz, happy home happy life. retirement is in the very close future.ReplyCancel

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